Bomberman – Minecraft multiplayer map

Are you a bomberman fan?

Than this is the minecraft map for you! You will be playing as a bomberman in this map and try to eliminate you enemys with bombs!!! BOEM! This map also has a automatic live counter, so you can see your “kills”.

To play this minecraft map be sure you host this game as a multiplayer game, join and let friends join and enjoy! Play 1 vs 1 or vs 2, 3, 4.
You could play with more but then it will be pure chaos! So i suggest a max of 4 to 5 players.


1) Always be in adventure mode.
2) Every player starts with 4 lives.
3) There can be only 1 winner!!!
4) There is no need for mods or other plugins.

For the host:

1) Please dont give out items >.>
2) When having issues with the map, report this to the post of the maker!
3) And again there are no mods or plugins needed for this map.

Download: > Here <

Youtube: [youtube][/youtube]

Official post: Made by “Tesla_block”

> Link <

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  1. idk that you can really play that map awsome

  2. i like minecraft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. guyss it keeps telling me that im not a human and ima a robot plz fix this

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