Mine Blocks

Mine BlocksMine the resources. Craft your materials.
Build your castle. Explore the land.
Slay some monsters.

Freedom. Do what you want to do, how you want to do it! You spawn in a vast world, all by yourself.

To get started, you must mine the materials:
Use your mouse to position the red cursor over the block you want to mine. Click and HOLD the left mouse button until the block pops off!

Now that you have a block, you can craft it!
Go into your inventory by pressing CTRL on your keyboard.
You can now drag around the blocks in your inventory. You can drag individual blocks by holding down SHIFT when you click. Drag the blocks in the crafting area, and see what you can make.
1 wood = 4 wooden planks.
2 wooden planks = 4 sticks.
4 wooden planks = 1 crafting table.

To place blocks – such as a crafting table – close out of the inventory. Now hold down shift, and position the GREEN cursor at the spot you want to place the block. Now shift+click!
For further help, press H, and the Help window will appear.
Even more questions? In the title screen, send feedback. Remember to leave an e-mail, so I can respond!

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