Sea Cube Survival v1

Sea Survival Cube 1.0  made ​​by ” reather “

A fun single player / multiplayer map with several small islands for your needs.

After our ecosystem has been completely broken, the North Pole and South Pole became tropical environments surrounded by sea … there are a few islands. Find the resources in order to survive !

Can you find all the resources you need to survive this map?

Find the secrets and survive this map.

– This is a survival map
– The map can be played in multiplayer
– Look out into the water, it is not all just sand ;p

There are are a few challanges , if you would like more then here are a few for you 😛

1: Build a sea horse ranch 😛
2: Build an underwater glass globe thingy
3: Try to tame a zombie and let him do your household .

Download it here > Download Sea Cube Survival <

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  1. stom zeg niet egt leuk

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