Survival island map – Isoland

Another survival island map for my collection.

You create a new world, but find your self in the middle of nowhere on a small island. You have nothing but a few straws and sticks. So you load a new world ending up on the same island again… THE HORROR.

So if you want to play minecraft again then you will have to beat this map!

And play trough the fallowing challanges!

  • Create a crafting table
  • Make a pickaxe
  • Make a shovel
  • Create a wheatfarm
  • Find the treasure
  • Create a cobblestone generator
  • Expand the island
  • Make a furnace
  • Create a monster farm now further then 20blocks from the spawn.

And go on ­čśŤ

Download it here > Isoland <

4 Comments on Survival island map – Isoland

  1. Ik wil lekker survivalen en uitdagingen voltooien en diamonds vinden

  2. ik vint het heel leuk

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