The Walking Dead 1.4.5+ Adventure map

The Walking Dead Survival Map The Walking Dead Survival Map
The Walking Dead Survival Map

The Walking Dead Survival Map

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead tv series? Than this map is one your really want to play by your own or with your friends!
It’s a map designed for 2-4 players, custom trade, weapons and spawners. Including 2 boss spawns.
Everything from the walking dead series has been build, including fitting challanges.

1. Survive two days on the farm (on the second day, explore the barn, when it burns flee for the path)
2. Don’t go to far off the path (or you will just plain get lost and die)
3. Help all villagers that you come across on your way to the prison
4. Find “Ricks Journals” in order
5. Clear our the prison and make it your home
6. Beat the final boss of the prison !
7. Survive ! (It will be hard)

There are many Walking dead Maps in the MC world, but personally this is the one i like the best! It has a good flow, you dont need to play it for days and it’s fun/challanging. Remember bring some friends because it will be HARD!

The download includes the SphaxPureBDcraft textures! Best for this map (i think best for all maps :P)

Download the map here! > The Walking Dead Adventure Map <

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  1. when you were digging for? why not make a house down there lol alot of ppl make there house or base on top i make it underground

  2. Coole map, hij was echt gaaf

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