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> Click here to load minecraft <

Oh noes, are you getting a java pop-up like the one in the picture? No worries there! This is a small warning that you want to start a java application. You can simply accept this by clicking the box "I accept the risk and want to run this application". And then Run! To play minecraft for free! You will get this warning 2 times!

Still having trouble starting the game? Dont scream just jet! Because you can be saved by reading the java guide, just change some local settings "if you can". And you are ready to try/play minecraft for free. Press the button below and read the guide!

We on minecraft for free offer you this option to play and try minecraft, so you can play this awesome game online. Of course to honor the god of minecraft and for playing this awesome game allllllll the time i suggest that you can just buy the game. The game is also not that expensive anymore. So get ready to play minecraft battle your friends and go on an epic quest!