Minecraft tower defence

Minecraft towerdefense makes you dig your path to the house then you need to defend yourself against the attacking monsters. This game is fun and addicting, try it out, kill enemy’s gain money and build more, and it’s a minecraft for free games!!

Probeer de monsters tegen te houden in deze Minecraft-versie van het bekende Tower Defense. Plaats op strategische wijze torens en valkuilen naast de route die de monsters afleggen en zorg ervoor dat je huis onaangetast blijft! Vergeet niet om je wapens zo nu en dan te upgraden.


  1. There’s a lot more reasons why Terraria gets cparmoed to Minecraft than just pixel based and has mining’Both games feature being dropped into a randomly generated empty wilderness, and require you to construct a house to (generally) survive the night. Both games have a crafting system (though how it works is different). Both games feature construction (and mining) in a tile based system. In general, both games feature tiered tools and armour, where you use tools from the first tier’ to get tools from the second.That said, they are also different games. Minecraft’s main focus (until the Adventure Update’ happens, at least) has been on construction, with no real end game’ beyond gathering a whole bunch of diamond. Terraria is more defined, with bosses, high level areas, and generally a lot of content for the end game’. Terraria is the least Minecraft Minecraft clone, but there’s definitely some inspiration there.If anything, Terraria is a 2d Metroidvania combined with Minecraft.

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