Creeper Puzzle

19/01/13 // 1 Comment

Creeper’s going to Creep, can you beet them in the green Creeper Puzzle? Drag and drop, enjoy. Een minecraft creeper puzzle [...]

Mine Blocks

15/01/13 // 0 Comments

Mine the resources. Craft your materials. Build your castle. Explore the land. Slay some monsters. Freedom. Do what you want to do, how you want to do it! You spawn in a vast [...]

wildcat bricks

06/01/13 // 0 Comments

Gebruik kleine blokken om van alles te maken, los de puzzles op en deel de codes met je [...]

Miner in WAR

04/01/13 // 1 Comment

The miner adventurer must fight against zombies that have imprisoned in a cave. v.0.01d : – Add Intro menu and end menu – New level and add [...]